• CrocoLine


    man collection

    An idea, a theme, a story, a tale to wear! Today you wear a model, the week after you wear another, the next day another one, depending on how you feel and the message you want to communicate!

  • sample-2


    woman collection

    The Duck-Shirts tell a quite absurd story! This time we go completely out of the box, there is nothing - or almost - linking to a real context, and yet there is still a subtle connection with the Croco T-Shirt! Clue: flower, colorful flower, tattoo...

  • WriteLine


    man collection

    How many times have you wanted to send a message?!?! Who, among us, has never been in that situation where he had to remain silent but, biting his tongue, he had clear in his head what he wanted to say?!?! From all those assumptions, we’ve created #WRITELINE: wear your message!

  • RandomLine


    woman collection

    No stories, no theme, just clear messages! Definite! In some ways unequivocal! These elements may not be proposed again, or maybe does they?!?! #RANDOMLINE

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T-shirts from Italy, home of fashion and trends!

NOT NEGOTIABLE® is a brand new, young, carefree, witty and always ready to impress!
It is completely innovative in its idea of creating, in some lines, a sort of "history", a theme that conveys, in fact, the desire to discover every T-shirt like a chapter in a book.

NOT NEGOTIABLE®, in fact, follows the fashion tendencies and is inspired by the main trends, but without withdrawal to create, to be independent, to have its own well-defined identity, so that in some cases it is the fashion itself that become... NOT NEGOTIABLE®!